About Us
Founded 30 years ago, our full-service dental laboratory offers our doctors precise fitting and highly accurate restorative options that possess outstanding aesthetics. From our all-ceramic offerings to our industry leading implant abutment systems, we have a full range of restorations for our doctors. We strive to assist with all aspects of case planning including shade matching, diagnostic wax-ups and chairside consulting. Our goal is to always provide the best to you and your patients.
Digital Dentistry
Innovation is a core value and integral part of our company and this extends to our internal management and business strategies. We use the latest technology in order to make dentistry more comfortable, durable, efficient and natural-looking. At Carlton, we combine our unparalleled skills with the latest in innovation-driven technology to provide you with the absolute best restorations. Absolute precision is key in today’s dental world and by using the best CAD/CAM systems, we are able to deliver this.